Actions that make a difference

How can you make a difference for people in the developing world? How can you show you care about inequality and injustice?
Learn more about actions and activities you and your family can do to show you care. 

A Reading List for Global Citizens

Are you interested in learning more about global development issues? Are you looking for stories from the developing world? Do you want to learn from experts or get inspired by some of the most influential global citizens throughout history? If so, this reading list from the Aga Khan Foundation of Canada is for you!

Eat a Ration Meal

Wondering what you or your family can do to remember and help people who are hungry? One way suggested by Canadian Foodgrains Bank is by eating a ration meal, similar to what is provided in refugee camps. Funds saved by eating a simple meal of rice and beans or flatbread can then be donated to a relief organization to help those who don’t have enough to eat. Click here for recipes and more information.

Planting Faith: A Family Guide to Lent.

 People who observe Lent, the Christian journey to Easter, can do something different this year through Planting Faith: A Family Guide to Lent from World Vision Canada. This short, seven-week resource for individuals and families enables you to experience Easter through the eyes of a family in Haiti. Inspired by a real family in Haiti today, the characters reflect the real hardships of so many families all around the world.

For Children: Super Friends!

Super Friends is a learning opportunity for kids from the Primates World Relief & Development Fund (Anglican Church of Canada). Through this free-downloadable resource children ages 7 to 9 can learn more about the issues that impact our everyday lives—and find ways to make a difference. Click here for additional Super Friends resources.

Learn More about the Challenges Facing Girls in the Developing World

 Girls everywhere are undervalued, undermined and underestimated. You can start tackling the the causes of inequality at its root by learning more about girls’ rights—making you a better ally. Through Plan International Canada, find out how much better the world will be when Girls Get Equal!

Take the Global Citizen quiz!

The world faces big challenges: Hunger, poverty, instability. The good news? Together as global citizens we find new ways to overcome these problems every day. What kind of global citizen are you? That depends on where your skills, passions and interests lie. Take the Aga Khan Foundation of Canada Global Citizen Quiz to find out what kind of global citizen you are.

Empowered to Prosper Youth Game

 We frequently hear about poverty in the developing world—the billions of people who have no access to clean water or health care or do not have enough nutritious food to eat. It is difficult to imagine what their lives must be like, or why they are so drastically different from our own lives in Canada. Empowered to Prosper from Presbyterian World Service & Development aims to help young people understand the causes of poverty and how they can make a difference by making changes in their day-to-day lives.

Make Your Hunger Helpful with Fast Forward

If you want to play an active role in ending world hunger and build unity among your friends in a meaningful way, then FASTForward is an event for you! FASTForward is a 24-hour, food-free event that raises money for and awareness of World Renew’s efforts to eradicate hunger and prevent poverty around the world.

Resources for families, teachers and kids

 Harold and the Goat, Hunger Trivia Game, Tanisha and the Changing Weather—these are a few of the many searchable stories, colouring sheets, games, and other learning activities Canadian Foodgrains Bank has on its website for teachers and families.

Make Room at the Your Table

 How big is your table? Big enough to invite someone from the developing world to “eat” with you? If your answer is yes, through Room at the Table from Canadian Foodgrains Bank you can invite someone who has experienced hunger to be a guest—as an individual, family, at a church banquet, or other gathering. While they are with you, you can learn their stories and pray for them and for others who are hungry.

Hands-On Ways to Help

 Looking for a hands-on project for you or your family? Mennonite Central Committee sends things like relief kits, hygiene kits, sewing kits, school kits, infant care kits and comforters around the world to offer comfort and help to people facing disaster or crisis. They’re a tangible way you and your family to show compassion, and to remind people around the world that their needs are not forgotten. Learn more here.

Be a Global Consumer Through Fair Trade

By buying fair trade items, you have the power to change the world every day. With one simple choice you can help people in the developing world get a better deal. And that means they can make their own decisions, control their futures and lead the dignified life everyone deserves. Click here to visit the FairTrade Canada website to learn more and find fair trade organizations where you live.